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About Dakor

Dakor is a small city of Kheda District of Gujarat State. It is known for its historical and mythological association. The city has been mentioned in the great Hindu Epic, the Mahabharata. The city has got its fame throughout the country and the world for its famous religious shrine, The Temple of Ranchhodraiji. Improved infrastructure and new business opportunities of Dakor are making it a promising business and trade centre of Gujarat State.

About Dakor

History of Dakor in Gujarat

Dakor City has many legends associated with it. This city used to be a small village which was fringed with Khakhra trees. Because of huge numbers of Khakhra Trees, the village was known with the name Khakhariu Gaam. As per the Hindu Mythology, the ashrama of Sage Dank was here. The temple and village was named as Dankpur after the sage and with time, the village got its new name Dakor. It is believed that Lord Shiva was very pleased with the devotion of Sage Dank and remained here in the form of a linga. Dakor became a land of Vaishanavas over the period of time and is now the home to the world famous temple of Lord Vishnu, Ranchhordaiji Temple.

Another legend associated with Dakor Temple is the story of Vijayanand Bodana, a Rajput and a great devotee of Lord Krishna. He used to walk from Dakor to Dwarka to get darshan of Lord Krishna and seek his blessings. Lord wanted to help his devotee so he decided to stay in Dakor and went to Dakor along with his devotee. Since then he is worshipped in Dakor.

Famous Tourist Places of Dakor

Dakor is known for its famous Ranchhodrai Temple. The temple has the sacred Gomti Tank very close to it.

Ranchhodraii Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is also known by the name Ranchhodji. The meaning of Ranchhodrai is ‘ a person who left the battlefield’. The main temple premise is surrounded by a fort wall. The temple is located on the banks of Gomti Lake, which is considered as a holy lake for the Hindus. The temple is located in the centre of main market of Dakor. The temple has eight domes and twenty four turrets. The height of the central dome is 27 metres. The main dome has a white colored silk flag and a Golden Kalash on its top. The main architecture of this temple is influenced by the architectural style of Maharashtra. The hall of this temple has paintings showcasing different life events of Lord Krishna.

Temples in Dakor

Gopal Jagannath Ambkar , a courtier of Peshwa of Puna, had got a dream of Ranchhodrai who inspired him to built a huge temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple construction was done in 1772 AD and had the main idol of made with black touchstone. The height of the idol is 1 m and has a width of 45 cm. The idol is beautifully decorated with expensive clothes and jewelry items made with gold and precious stones. The throne of the idol is made with wood with intricate carvings and is plated with precious metals like Gold and Silver. This throne was presented to the temple authorities by the Gaekwad of Baroda.

The temple complex has four gates. The temple offices and store rooms are located along the perimeter of the temple premise. The main temple is located on a high altar and the deity of Lord Vishnu kept here has four arms where the four hands have lotus, mace, conch and discus. The main deity is worshipped as Krishna and not as dwarakadhish. The lower right arm of the image is kept in Abhaya Mudra which means Lord is giving protection to all his devotees who come here to offer their prayers.

The upper part of main gate has a music room where musical instruments like drums and Shehnai are played throughout the day in every three hours. The temple premise remains open from 6 AM to 12 Noon and again from 4 PM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

Famous Festival of Dakor in Gujarat

Though almost all Hindu Festivals are celebrated with great joy in Dakor throughout the year but the place has become synonymous with its special festivals held in the months of Full Moon day or Purnima of Falgun, Chaitra, Ashwin and Kartik months. Annakoot is celebrated on the first day of Shuklapaksha of Kartik month and huge pile of food, sweets and grain is offered to the Lord Vishnu. Holi, Janmasthami, Rathyatra, Amalaka Ekadashi, Nand Mahotsav and Dussehra are the other festivals of Vaishnavas that are celebrated at this temple. The idol is taken out for a procession on an elephant and devotees take part in the procession playing musical instrument, singing songs and chanting hymns.

Lakhs of people from all over the country and the state gather here on the full moon days or Purnimas. It is believed that one who gets darshan of Lord Ranchhodraiji gets the punya of visiting chardhamas.
Lord Krishna had got his name Ranchhodraiji as he had ran away from the battle when he was attacked by Kalyavan, an ally of Jarasandha.

Economy of Dakor

Dakor has already developed itself as an important center of trade. Many shops and businesses have started revolving around the famous pilgrimage place of Dakor, the Temple of Ranchhodraiji. Devotional items like images of deities, Tulsi Seed Rosaries etc. are sold in the shops located around the temple. Household items made of wood, iron and other materials are also sold in the various shops of Dakor. The most important item that gets exported from Dacor is the plates made with dry Khakhara Leaves. Dakora houses a rice mill and a rubber factory. On every Tuesday, cattle from different surrounding areas of Dakor are brought here to buying an selling.

How to Reach Dakor in Gujarat

Dakor City in Gujarat is well connected through road and railways. Dakor Railway Station is the nearest station which is located on Anand-Godhra Rail line, a broad gauge rail line of Western Railways. The nearest major railway Stations of Dakor City are Anand and Nadiad Railway Stations. Umreth, a place 7 KM away from Dakor, is the railway station of slow-train line branched off from the main line.

Dakor is only 43 KM from Anand by road and it is located 35 KM away from Nadiad to its east. Buses of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation and the private bus operators are available in great numbers connecting Dakor to the cities like Anand, Vadodara and Ahmadabad.

Dakor can be reached by air as well though it has no airport of its own. The nearest airport to Dakor is Vadodara which is located about 78 KM towards south of Dakor. The international airport of Ahmadabad is only 90 KM away from Dakor and offer more flights to the passengers to reach Dakor in least possible time.

Trains Passing through Dakor Railway Station

Train Name: Godhra Anand Memu
Train No.: 69124
Source: Godhra Junction
Destination: Anand Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 5:28
Departure from Dakor: 5:30

Train Name: Anand Godhra Passenger
Train No.: 59165
Source: Anand Junction
Destination: Godhra Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 5:59
Departure from Dakor: 6:00

Train Name: Godhra Anand Passenger
Train No.: 59166
Source: Godhra Junction
Destination: Anand Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 9:32
Departure from Dakor: 9:33

Train Name: Anand Godhra MEMU
Train No.: 69123
Source: Anand Junction
Destination: Godhra Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 10:46
Departure from Dakor: 10:47

Train Name: Godhra Anand Passenger
Train No.: 59116
Source: Godhra Junction
Destination: Anand Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 19:27
Departure from Dakor: 19:28

Train Name: Anand Godhra Passenger
Train No.: 59115
Source: Anand Junction
Destination: Godhra Junction
Arrival at Dakor: 15:10
Departure from Dakor: 15:12

Quick Facts about Dakor
District: Kheda
Altitude: 161 feet
Latitude: 22.75 0N
Longitude: 73.15 0E
Official Languages used: Gujarati and Hindi

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